A Letter from God Composed through Laura Lynn Scholl

I have cherished you generally… I thought about you before your most memorable creation. You existed before you at any point inhaled as a human. You are a pith that has existed for trillions of years and a significant number of you more. You are a spirit being that has existed for billions of years and carried on with many lives. You are not only this little human that feels so weak and isolated from my affection. This is a deception that you are playing inside. A co-creation that was started by you and your companions and must be all different by your decisions. In the huge sense by what you all in all pick together. I’m here and I have forever been here, yet you are the one who conveys the enchanted wand here on the planet. Your considerations paint the image. Your hands form the belly.

You are not by any means the only creatures that exist nor are you the only ones making upon Earth

There are numerous others co-making with you. The elementals, nature spirits, the claw beams of light and the living time holders (wormholes) connecting everything together. There are a wide range of equal manifestations that are helping in the formation of your unobtrusive encounters. As of now you are the ones that should pick what will at last be capable by all. These following couple of years are the main in your set of experiences. In the event that you decide to save the Earth and not annihilate her and yourselves then you will be the legends of numerous universes, for everything is interconnected and will be impacted by the decisions your age and next one makes. The inquiry is will everyone decide to follow the dimness and fall away or will they return to their real essence as Offspring of God and live respectively agreeably, plentifully and calmly? The decision to be made is yours. The contemplations, words and the activities you take will perhaps seal the destiny of all.

At the present time the effect you will have by being typified is the most basic to the endurance of all on the planet. You and your companions are mindful in such countless ways for the endurance of Earth and the life upon her. Earth is a living Being, a wondrous alive Being and earthlings have been abusing and manhandling her nurturing energies. This should change. At the point when you harm her, you harm yourself. What you take from her and don’t recharge, you take from all, simply recollect that.

I have forever been with you holding All That Is together for your experience

Permitting all that is decided to be capable because of the contemplations and activities that occur. A few truly wondrous manifestations have come about and furthermore a fairly horrendous in contrast with what I would will for you to make and to have encountered. There is a lot of that I will for you to experience and there is an entire world that anticipates your notification that it exists. Another world that can undoubtedly arise assuming an adequate number of individuals decide to live inside its existence anticipates every one of you. This is the genuine Earth that exists, and she will arise when you care for herself and birth her gifts inside your reality. People group’s convictions and their unintelligent carelessness is all that keeps most inside the world they are living and presently making. To acknowledge or to make an existence of enduring isn’t excessively clever. Presently, to carry on with a day to day existence overflowing with bliss and to make harmony inside you and surrounding you regardless of what the conditions, now that is splendid.

You should quit taking care of dread voracity and outrage

This is from ages old and you are being abused and manhandled by these energies that you cannot see benefiting from you. Thusly you have been manhandling other life energies. You can assume responsibility and decide to sustain with affection as it were. At the point when you can carry on with life as affection, you will start changing your general surroundings and accept me another world, the genuine world will arise. Your actual self will live in the future on the planet and arise through you, lined up with my adoration, light and will – contacting the existences of others. Changing and delivering this world of the hells-dread and evil has created.

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